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Learn In Australia

Where the world goes to learn

About Us

Learn In Australia is a specialist student agency, focusing on the needs of foreign students, whose dream is to study in Australia. 

We know from personal experience, the courage that it takes for you to embark on this journey, and the wonderful opportunities which it can open up for you, with the right planning.

All our key staff at Learn In Australia have completed English language studies both in Australia and overseas, so we know the key differences to look out for, and the challenges and openings that you will be presented with.  They have all completed tertiary degrees, possessing an understanding of the commitment it takes to learn and acquire new skills. 

We have a professional and transparent approach, to assist you in all the steps of your journey.  Having lived, worked and studied in Australia, we are well placed to ensure you receive great guidance.

With offices in Australia and Medellin Colombia we have people on the ground to help you with all the arrangements which you will need to achieve your goal to study in Australia.

At Learn In Australia, we commit to the principles of the London Statement, a high‑level statement of principles promoting best practice among education agents and consultants that provide services to international students.

To read a copy of the London Statement 

Our Mission

To provide the best personal support for one of the biggest decisions, and greatest adventures of your life!  

Key People

Ana Maria
Ana Maria Willis
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Post Graduate in Finance
  • Master of Commerce majoring in accounting and applied finance

As the founder of Learn In Australia I love to help people to achieve their dreams, and believe that learning a new language, exploring a new culture and furthering your education all help to create greater opportunities in your life. 

I first came to Australia in 2008 to study English myself, after having finished my bachelor of economics at Universidad de Medellin Colombia.  I had been to North America to study some English before as well, but moving so far away from my family to Australia was a really big deal for me. 

When I arrived in Australia, I had a really horrible experience with the home stay accommodation that had been arranged for me, and I found myself just wanting to leave.  I really do have first had experience of how bad things can be, if the people taking care of your arrangements just don't care, and so it comes naturally to me to make extra efforts to ensure that doesn't happen to students who make their arrangements to study through us. 

I'm glad that I got through that experience, and I went on to complete my English studies, and had a great time creating many wonderful friends and memories.

Since then I have studied many more courses in Australia, including completing my Masters of Commerce with double major in accounting and applied finance at the University of Queensland.  I even had the opportunity to study in China on an exchange program during this course, which was an amazing experience for me.

I have become an Australian citizen, and while I will always love my birth country of Colombia, I can attest to the fact that Australia really is a wonderful country, with a great climate, fantastic beaches, friendly people, good wages and employment opportunities, and a modern safe environment.

It is true that Australia is a really multi-cultural country, and I have made friends from all over the world here.  I love meeting new people, and am enthusiastic about helping people who are setting out to improve their lives. 

I hope that we will have the opportunity to help you soon too.

Luis Gonzalo
Luis Gonzalo Garcia
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Political Science
  • Master in Public Politics (Current studies)

I have been very fortunate in the opportunities which I have received to study and travel in different countries around the world.

Through my studies in North America and different European countries I have gained great knowledge and experience of the foreign student life style. 

I believe that people should strive to do great things in their lives and not settle for the ordinary, when there is so much opportunity in the world. 

As someone who is really passionate about helping the people of Colombia to improve their lives, and to increase the skills within our country I enjoy helping people to study and work in Australia.

I have enjoyed spending time in Australia myself, and believe that if you can have the opportunity to visit and study in Australia, you shouldn't hesitate to do it.